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12″ Clongs Review

Tongs have always been thought of as an essential kitchen tool. For a long time it was hard to find tongs that were not metal tipped. This was great if you were cooking on stainless steel but often time scratched non-stick pans.

These Dreamfarm Clongs are the perfect non-stick pan tongs. They have soft silicone tips that stop it from scratching the pans surface but also helps make it high heat resistant.

This means it can easily be used to flip things in the oven, under the broiler or on the grill. Just be careful to not use the tongs on heat over 500°F.

There is a v-shaped groove in the handle of the clongs. This helps you easily place the clongs on the counter without creating a mess. This also helps so the ends of the clongs do not touch your counter.