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90s Throwback: Clearly Canadian Is Back On Shelves!

Remember when you were the envy of the local neighborhood pool? You’d sidle up with your little insulated lunch tote, intent on a day in the sun.

And looking cooler than ever, you’d pull out an ice cold Cleary Canadian (Mountain Blackberry, of course), and drink it with all the swagger you didn’t really have.

These ubiquitous "waters" – let’s face it, they were really clear soda – are back on shelves for a limited time. You can find them at Hy-Vee’s, or my favorite SPEND-ALL-THE-MONIES store, Cost Plus World Market.

Clearly Canadian

Slightly more expensive than they were in the 90s, they’re clocking in at $2.29 a bottle.

I swear I remember counting up just a $1.49 before I headed to the corner store when I was 11, but maybe my memory is fading 25 years on. That’s right. It’s been 25 years since they appeared, and 8 since they disappeared from our lives.

I still remember my last pack, and pulling that last crisp, cold bottle from the fridge was truly bittersweet. Especially given I wasn’t even prescient enough to make a cocktail with the darn thing. 

You can find Wild Cherry, Orchard Peach, and Mountain Blackberry flavors on the CostPlus World Market shelves. I’ll be filling my pantry with Mountain Blackberry, thank you very much, so hands off!

All of this started with a crowdfunding campaign back in 2015, with people pre-ordering by the case. The majority of those pre-orders have yet to be shipped, and will be honored before any more of the product ends up on grocery store shelves.

So stock up when you see it. And for the love of all things Clearly Canadian, we hope people start Instagramming the heck out of it, and that our favorite food bloggers start creating delicious recipes with the fizzy water. ALL THE COCKTAILS, people. Make it happen.

My theory is that buzz will keep these waters in production and on our shelves. They really never should have left.