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Air Cork Wine Preserver Review

We don’t always have the opportunity—or need—to finish an entire bottle of wine. The Air Cork gives fun-loving oenophiles a creative way to save the wine and stop it from oxidizing: by inflating a balloon that makes an airtight seal inside the wine bottle.

It’s so simple you don’t think it can work, but it does: a cute grape air pump is attached via small hose to a deflated balloon. When lowered into the bottle until it touches the surface of the leftover wine and then inflated, the balloon floats and seals itself to the sides of the bottle. A valve on the side of the grape pump lets the balloon deflate easily.

There are no small corks that can potentially get lost with this system, and the balloon rinses off with water. According to the Air Cork team, the wine will stay fresh for up to three days; to keep it longer, deflate and re-inflate the balloon for a fresh seal. (Be mindful, though, that no wine lasts forever and it will eventually turn into vinegar if you don’t drink it!)


  • Easy to use
  • Rinses off
  • No small parts to lose
  • Seals tight


  • none