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Amanda Powell

Amanda first began baking while in college as a way to bring a piece of home to her and her friends as they studied abroad. It was then she learned it's impossible to make pie in a hot, humid kitchen and you probably shouldn't leave yeasted dough out overnight in the summer! Since then, Amanda spent countless hours each week in the kitchen teaching herself how to make her favorite baked goods. For her, there is nothing better than breaking open a loaf of crusty homemade bread and watching everyone's eyes light up as they take a bite of one of her creations. During her free time, Amanda loves to garden and teaches young children how to grow their own fruits and vegetables then make nutritious snacks with them!

May 31, 2017

The Silpat Macaron Mat is an unassuming baking tool that is a surprising kitchen essential for any home baker. You wouldn’t think a simple mat would make a difference in baking macarons at home, but after trying it just once, you will be convinced of its seemingly magical powers. Even just taking it out of …

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