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Emily Caruso

Hi, there! My name is Emily and I’m the photographer, cook and rambler behind the blog Jelly Toast. Aside from compulsively taking photos of everything I eat and drinking way too much coffee, I also spend my days being a joke teller, snack maker and giver-of-hugs to my two little kiddos. Full disclosure: I’m not so great at the jokes but I can cook up some pretty mean snacks.

Whether it’s an after-preschool pick-me-up, a big family BBQ or a ‘Girls’ Night’ cocktail party, I simply love making snacks. Let’s be honest, I love eating snacks even more. I could not watch my Top Chef marathon without a hummus and veggie platter or spicy popcorn. A dinner party would not be complete without some sort of crudité or canapé. Snacks and appetizers are like the ice breaker of food. I’ve made many-a-friend around a lovely cheeseboard. What can I say? Antipasto makes me down right chatty.

Here on FoodFanatic, I will share with you all of my favorite appetizer and snack recipes - from kid friendly to cocktail party and everything in between. Welcome to my cheeseboard!

August 3, 2014

Calling all animal lovers! This week’s Pioneer Woman is just for you.  Ree has been invited by her BFF Hyacinth to participate in a community Pet Parade to celebrate the local school children’s reading accomplishments. What pets have to do with reading, I’m not entirely sure but it does seem to be a great reason …

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