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Baileys S’mores Is the Fall Liqueur You’ll Be Sipping by the Campfire All Season

Not to be outdone by the flood of seasonal specialty items hitting the market, Baileys has released Baileys S’mores, the liqueur you never knew you needed.

All the sweet, creaminess of s’mores without the campfire?! Count me in! (Although I have nothing at all against a good fall campfire, to be sure.)

Bailey's S'mores Pic

I just got here, so how can I have some more of nothing?”

You’re killing me, Smalls.

Hands down, it’s one of the greatest lines in cinematic history, especially if you were a kid in the 90s and watched The Sandlot at least once a week.

Watching The Sandlot was the first time I heard of s’mores, which had me begging my parents to take me to the store to acquire the ingredients.

My life was forever changed for the better! These days, you can finds s’mores infused into endless products from cereals to s’mores Pepsi to Chapstick.

Bailey's S'mores Picture

What Is Baileys S’mores Liqueur?

Baileys Original Irish Crème Liqueur understands that adults love the perfection of the s’mores flavor combo as much as our little ones do.

That lifelong love affair with all things s’mores inspired the gift that is a decadent, s’mores flavored version of their popular Irish Crème.

While Irish crème liqueur has made coffee better for eons, Baileys S’mores is infused with notes of toasted marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate.

One sip and you will quickly find yourself transported to a place of nostalgia, where life was simpler and staying up late was always an option!

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Where to Get Baileys S’Mores Liqueur

Since the 70s, Baileys has been a main tool in every bar tender’s arsenal, used in everything from booze infused coffee drinks to many popular cocktails.

Our boozy Irish cream chai latte recipe and this nutty Irishman cocktail recipe are just two such examples!

Like its OG counterpart, Bailey’s S’mores will be available through most major liquor retailers, retailing for around $24.99 for a standard 750ml bottle.

You can sip it over the rocks, which will never be the wrong answer, or consider using it to make our epic s’mores White Russian recipe

I think it would also make a delicious way to switch up our super popular tiramisu martini recipe! Just swap out the heavey cream for the Baileys.

Bailey's S'mores Photo

Check Out the Baileys S’mores Skillet Kit

If Baileys S’mores is not enough to get you excited, Baileys and Los Angeles bakeshop S’moreology have partnered on a limited edition Baileys S’mores Skillet Kit!

Available exclusively via Goldbelly, the Baileys S’mores Skillet Kit includes everything you need to make an amazing s’mores party dip!

Not unlike our s’mores brownies recipe, you can serve up the ooey gooey s’mores dip with graham crackers or fresh fruit for dipping at your next party.

The Baileys S’mores Skillet Kit collaboration with S’moreology retails for $99.95 and even includes a totally adorable tiny skillet.