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Ball Mason Jars – Half Pint Review

There’s a never ending amount of uses for mason jars. Mason jars come in a variety of sizes. There is a small version, which holds 8 fluid ounces, a medium size (the most common size for canning preserves, jams or jellies), which holds 16 ounces, and also a large version, holding 32 fluid ounces.  My favorite size mason jar is the 32-ounce and at any given moment, I have 4 to 6 of them filled in my refrigerator or pantry. 

I use the 32-ounce mason jars for fermenting food, such as cabbage for sauerkraut or cucumbers for pickles. I also use them for making yogurt and kefir because of how much they hold, how easy they are to use, and my yogurt and kefir can last over a month when refrigerated stored properly in the jars!  For keeping leftovers, I prefer to use glass containers over plastic, and these jars are perfect for storing already prepped food to throw in my purse and bring to work with me for lunch.

As a natural klutz, I tend to drop things frequently and of course, they’re always breakable. A definite up-side to Ball Mason Jars is how durable they are. I can drop them in the kitchen to my heart’s delight and so far they have never broken. Periodically, Ball makes various fun versions of their jars. They recently celebrated their 100th anniversary and released blue pint-sized jars, which I pre-ordered before they even hit the shelves. I highly recommend these jars to anyone who ferments foods, preserves food, or those who like to bring lunch with them on the go!


  • Very easy to sterilize
  • Holds a good volume of food or liquid
  • Very durable


  • Easy to lose track of the lids and rings, but that’s not Ball’s fault

These jars would be excellent for use with our Raspberry Jam Recipe and Grapefruit Jam Recipe