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Bambeco Eco Picnic Basket for Four Review

If you need a little help enjoying the beautiful spring weather, try heading outside for a picnic with friends and family.

The Bambeco Eco-Picnic Basket will help you get out the door even faster, because it includes everything you need to have a picnic with ease.  The picnic basket comes with serving pieces, utensils, and napkins.  The mini cutting board is great for serving cheese, or helping you slice fresh fruit.  Also inside, you will find reusable bamboo plates, which makes this Bambeco Eco-Picnic basket earth-friendly, because bamboo is a fast growing, renewable resource.  The cloth napkins are not only pretty, but reusable after a quick wash.  Bambeco thought of everything—they even included mini wine glasses made from recycled glass for your picnic!  Don’t worry about silverware, the basket includes bamboo cutlery, too.

Easy Broccoli Slaw Photo

Grab a few ready-made things at the deli, such as sliced cheeses and meats, and make a recipe or two from scratch.  Don’t forget a chilled bottle of wine on your way out the door!

The only thing the next gorgeous Spring day is missing is a fabulous picnic.  This eco-friendly option is the only way to picnic.  Pack up a picnic basket with your favorite foods, and head outside to enjoy the weather.  


  • lightweight
  • eco-friendly
  • everything you need is included inside (except wine!)


  • none