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Butterbeer M&Ms Prompt Harry Potter Fanbase Freakout

We hope you’re sitting down, Harry Potter fans.

Although you may soon be jumping up for joy.


Just in time for Halloween, M&Ms will be coming out with a “White BOO-tterscotch” flavor that will only be on sale at Target.

But here’s the thing:

These white chocolate treats are infused with an intense butterscotch flavor that make them taste eerily like the Harry Potter favorite, Butterbeer, according to reliable sources.

Look for White BOO-tterscotch M&Ms to hit Target shelves over the next few weeks, but look for the excitement to have already started online. 

To wit:

mm tweet

And this one:

mm tweet2

And this rather excited one:


This isn’t exactly the case, of course.

But we’re not about to tell her that.