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Casabella Quick Spray Microfiber Window Washer Review

The Casabella Quick Spray Microfiber Window Washer is one of the smartest tools I’ve seen from them. From the tapered head that allows you to get into window corners, to the reusable, washable microfiber cloth, it is well thought out. 

The sprayer is right in the handle, which means you have everything you need in one spot. Fill the reservoir with your own vinegar cleaning solution, or use store bought cleaning stuff – the choice is up to you. I filled mine up with Windex to begin with, because I have it on hand. But I plan to switch to a homemade solution with vinegar as soon as I’ve used up all my Windex.

You might not love that the reservoir is small, but I can’t see it getting bigger without causing bulk and weight issues for a hand-held tool. It sprays well, covering a large area. You can easily do bathroom mirrors and windows without needing to stop and refill. 

My only complaint about the Casabella Quick Spray Microfiber Window Washer would be that we only get one microfiber cloth head with it, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to buy more. I always like to have more than one of these types of things so I can switch in my spare while the first one is in the wash.

I’ve found myself using the window washer more often than I thought I would, and our windows have never looked better. It’s definitely a fun little tool, and really smart too.


  • Fits well in the hand, not too heavy
  • Sprayer in the handle, no need to carry separate spray bottle
  • Use your own choice of window cleaner
  • Tapered head fits into the corners of windows easily


  • Sprayer only holds a small amount of cleaner at a time
  • Comes with only one microfiber cloth, no way to buy extras