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Casabella Terry Scouring Cloths Review

Casabella Terry Scouring Cloths may be my new favorite way to clean my counters. Seriously. They’re soft and flexible, but have these genius little nubs that make cleaning up sticky substances (This happens a lot, I have a 5 month old) a breeze. Greener than using a paper towel, but not nearly so potentially germy as a sponge, I’m kind of in love. 

These cloths are the perfect size to fit into your hand easily, and still clean a large area of a pot, pan or plate quickly. It’s also not lost on me that they come in cheery green and fuchsia colors. Sure, they’re fun to look at.. but even better? They’re easy to pick out in a sink full of bubbles and dirty dishes. I can’t be the only one that loses my cleaning cloth in the water and then has to fish around for ages, right?

I also used these cloths on my ceramic stovetop, and they worked like a charm. Stuck-on marinara sauce came up quickly, and didn’t scratch the surface of my stovetop. Win-win. I’m definitely smitten with how smart these scouring cloths are. I can’t recommend them enough!


  • Brightly colored, so they don’t get lost in dishwater.
  • Perfectly sized for your hands.
  • Scouring texture is still easy on stone countertops and ceramic surfaces.
  • Scouring texture is great on stuck on food, eggs, and crusty sauces


  • Only comes in packs of 4. I want 10!