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  • Magimix Vision Toaster in Action

    Reader Appreciation Giveaway from Magimix

    2014 has been a year of amazing growth here at Food Fanatic. We’ve had such fun creating our family of fanatics, and enjoyed every delectable recipe they’ve brought our way, and yours. Today we’re sharing with you one of our product partners that has always been so supportive of our vision here on Food Fanatic,…

  • Magimix Vision Toaster

    Magimix Vision Toaster Review

    The Magimix Colored Vision Toaster by Robot-Coupe is a genius idea. This see-through toaster is quickly becoming my favorite appliance. Being able to watch your bread as it toasts is an invaluable feature giving you the ability to use the preprogrammed settings or just look inside. No more popping up to check on how your…