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Orange Varieties

Did you know that there are actually 400 orange varieties? Whilst we don’t get to choose from that many varieties in stores, there still tends to be quite an array of options in the produce aisle. 

So it can sometimes be a challenge to pick the right variety of orange. Which is the best kind to use in a sauce, for example? Which oranges are best for juicing? And which make an ideal snack?

Here is a look at some of the most common orange varieties you are likely to enounter and how best to use them.

Honey Tangerine Smash Photo


Mandarins are small oranges with a sweet flavor and loose skin that can be peeled easily. Almost seedless, they are great for snacking. You will often see canned manadarins, which are sweet, delicious and ideal for dessert.

Mandarins work well in savory recipes too – this Mandarin Orange Chicken tastes amazing!


A type of mandarin, tangerines are small and sweet, with a nice soft skin that makes them easy to peel. They are high in vitamin C and make a great lunch time snack for kids. They also make a tasty cocktail ingredient – try this Honey Tangerine Smash and see!

Fennel Orange Salad Picture


Navel Oranges

With their odd little growth that looks like a human navel and turns out to be a tiny ‘extra’ orange when peeled, navel oranges are probably the nation’s favorite!

They are high in vitamin C and sweet in taste, plus they are easy to peel and contain no seeds. Best of all, they are lovely and juicy.

Blood Oranges

As their name suggests, blood oranges have an interesting bright red color. They are juicy and have a lovely flavor, almost like a berry-orange hybrid!

Their striking color makes them a great cocktail ingredient – give this Blood Orange Mule recipe a try and see.

Homemade Orange Julius Image


Valencia Oranges

If you have a hankering for some fresh orange juice, then Valencia oranges are the ones you need to buy! They do have a few seeds, but their thin skin is easy to peel.

Alton Brown’s GOOD EATS Margarita recipe uses Valencia oranges for delicious results.

Seville Oranges

These are not great for eating – the clue is in the fact they are also known as sour oranges. But Seville oranges are wonderful for cooking and you can use them to make delicious sauces, salad dressings and – best of all – marmalade!

Chocolate Orange Tarts Pic



Like tangerines, clementines are small and easy to peel. They are nice and juicy, with a lovely sweet flavor, and they are seedless, so they are ideal for snacking. 

We love the sweet pop of flavor they bring to this Clementine Arugula Salad.

Cara Cara

These popular oranges are harvested in California and we just love their sweet flavor, which is tangy enough to have some bite! The juicy flesh has a lovely pinky color too, and not too many seeds.

Try using cara cara oranges in these Chocolate Orange Tarts – they are super simple to put together and ready in minutes!