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Porterhouse Lakeville

If there’s anywhere that serves the most mouth-watering, delicious steaks it is Lakeville Porterhouse! From their blackened tenderloin tips to their signature 28-ounce Porterhouse steak, they cook each and every steak dish beautifully. 

Grilled Chile Lime Flank Steak Photo

While Porterhouse may not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to steak, it is an absolutely lovely cut of meat and offers a divine dinner option.

In fact, a Porterhouse steak is a combination of two cuts – both the tender filet mignon and the New York strip. 

While ordering a Porterhouse at a restaurant is extravagant, you can actually make it home for a fraction of the cost! 

Grilled Chile Lime Flank Steak Picture

While it is cheaper than eating out, it still costs about $10.99 per pound! It makes for a great date night dinner and can even be shared.

Of course, if you want your own we certainly wouldn’t blame you, but it’s big enough to easily feed two!

The Porterhouse cut comes from between the tenderloin and top loin, so removing the bone creates two steaks. 

A popular way of cooking Porterhouse is on the grill, as you can really get that delicious crispy char on the outside, while cooking it to perfection in the middle. 

If you are unable to access a grill, a cast iron skillet or your broiler are good alternatives. 

As this cut of steak is so flavorful, it needs very little seasoning to taste wonderful. We recommend a generous helping of salt prior to cooking and perhaps some other light seasonings. 

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Always sear your steak over high heat before moving it to a cooler part of the grill or reducing heat. A professional tip to really enhance the flavor of steak is to add some butter (you can use salted, garlic, chilli, or parsley butters for example) in the center of the steak a few minutes before you finish cooking.

If you want to create those criss-cross grill marks into your steak, giving it an authentic steakhouse feel, rotate your steak 45 degrees on the same side you are searing it before turning it. 

Here’s a quick and easy Porterhouse recipe that we love and can be prepared at home, even if you do not have a grill.

Grilled Chile Lime Flank Steak Image
Grilled Chile Lime Flank Steak Pic

What to Serve with Porterhouse Steak

You can serve all sorts of sides with steak! Our favourites include baked potatoes and a Caesar salad.

Other yummy side dishes to consider are creamy mashed potatoes, corn on the cob or buttered green beans

However you pair your steak, it makes a delicious dinner any night of the week or for special occasions such as holidays or birthdays.