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What is Migas?

If you are getting bored of the same old breakfast, why not try something new! It is delicious, it is easy to make and it will keep you satisfied for hours.

What is it?

It’s migas!

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What is migas?

This easy skillet recipe is a Mexican breakfast dish that combines tortillas with eggs and delicious fresh vegetables.

Although it calls for corn tortillas, you could use tortilla chips instead – or even flour tortillas, for a different flavor and texture.

The recipe is very versatile – in fact you can substitute pretty much any of the ingredients (except the eggs) for something you prefer.

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Bells peppers are traditional and – in our opinion – taste the best – but you could use spicier peppers, or something completely different like zucchini, winter squash or asparagus! We like to serve some lovely ripe, sliced avocado on the side too.

You also have a lot of leeway with the cheese. Since this is a Mexican dish, the best choices will be Mexican cheeses – queso fresco and cotija would work well.

The salsa verde included on the list of ingredients is used as a topping and helps spice things up. You could easily substitute this for another hot sauce – or perhaps you’d prefer to opt for a sauce that is not hot at all! In that case, try preparing any salsa recipe and simply omit any spicy peppers or other hot ingredients.

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Bump up the protein

You can make more of a meal of migas by adding extra protein, such as bacon and sausage or even chicken and tofu. Remember that these ingredients will need to be cooked prior to adding them to this dish.

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Migas isn’t just for breakfast!

Although tradiitonally a breakfast recipe, migas makes an amazing lunch too, or even a light dinner! And because it’s so versatile, it is a dish that the entire family will enjoy.