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Why Is My Sweet Potato White Inside?

Have you ever cut into a sweet potato to discover it is white inside?

It might comes as a surprise to find out sweet potato with a white inside does actually exist, but the explanation for this is actually quite simple.

Sweet potatoes, like other vegetables, come in many varieties which give them slight differences. Whilst orange fleshed sweet potatoes are most common, you will also find sweet potatoes with white flesh inside.

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Does a white sweet potato taste different to an orange one?

White sweet potatoes are slightly less sweet than orange ones so they make good substitutes for normal baking potatoes. That being said, they don’t quite compare to the likes of a russet or Yukon gold potato.

There is still some degree of the sweetness associated with sweet potatoes. Nevertheless, they do have the somewhat crumbly texture that you tend to find with a baked potato.

Orange sweet potatoes are known for their health benefits, especially their large amounts of beta carotene. Because white sweet potatoes don’t contain as much, they are marginally less nutritious.

You will also notice that white sweet potatoes don’t stay as fresh as regular sweet potatoes and will lose their firmness much more quickly. 

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How to cook a white sweet potato

White sweet potatoes are highly versatile and can be cooked in a variety of ways including roasting, baking, grilling or mashing.

For a delicious, yet simple way to enjoy white sweet potato, pierce its skin and bake it for about an hour until the inside is soft. Slice it in half and mash in some butter or cream and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

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Our sweet potato benedict skillet is a great way to combine the textures and flavors of both sweet potato types. We love this recipe for weekend brunch or even for dinner!

We suggest a mix of 50/50 sweet potatoes and white sweet potatoes, or use one or the other depending on what sweet potatoes you have on hand.

You can even meal prep the potatoes in advance then warm them when you’re ready to eat. We love this as an easy dinner hack during the week.

Parboiled Sweet Potatoes Image
Parboiled Sweet Potatoes Picture

Another quick and easy way to incorporate more sweet potatoes into your menu is this recipe for Instant Pot candied sweet potatoes. They make a great side for weeknight dinners or for a fancier holiday feast.

Also topping our list of the best sweet potato recipes is this one for roasted tahini maple sweet potatoes. This gem of a recipe is another one that’s completely versatile and delicious any meal of the day.