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How Long to Bake Fish

If you’ve never baked fish, you’ve been missing out on a quick, hands-free method to get dinner on the table. It’s this editor’s favorite way to cook fish.

Because it’s easy. And nearly fool-proof.

Miso Glazed Salmon Photo

And, if you line your baking pan with foil, cleanup is a breeze.

Baking fish, uncovered, at the right temperature for just enough time will yield a moist, flaky result enhanced by whatever topping you choose. Keep it simple with lemon, butter and seasonings, or go with recipes like Baked Cajun Mahi-MahiMediterranean Salmon or Lemon Parmesan Cod with Garlic Butter.

The best fish for baking includes fish fillets, fish steaks or a whole fish.

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How Long to Bake Fish at 400°F

You can bake fish at a variety of temperatures, but my go-to method is 400°F for 15-20 minutes, until you can flake the fish with a fork and the flesh is opaque.

Farm-raised salmon is thicker and will usually require 20 minutes, but any thinner fish, such as wild salmon, should be ready in about 15 minutes.

If your fish filet is thicker at one end and very thin at the opposite end, you can fold the thin piece under to help the fish cook evenly. Another option is to cut off the thin pieces and bake them for five minutes less than the thicker ones.

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Baking Fish at 450°F

At 450°F, a general rule of thumb is to cook fish for 4-6 minutes for every half inch of thickness.

How Long to Bake Fish at 425°F

Bake the fish for 10-12 minutes at 425°F.

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How Long to Bake Fish at 350°F

Baking fish at 350°F will take about 30 minutes. Check to see when it flakes easily.

Storing Baked Fish

Store leftover baked fish covered in the refrigerator for up to three days.