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How Long to Marinate Salmon?

While most meats benefit from hours of marinating to really help flavors penetrate deep into the meat, marinating salmon is a bit different. 

Here we’re sharing how to best marinate salmon to ensure that it is delicious and full of flavor.

Miso Glazed Salmon Photo

How to Marinate Salmon

The key to knowing how long to marinate salmon depends on knowing what kind of marinade you’re using.

With an acid-based marinades, those that include a lot of vinegar or citrus juice for instance, marinate salmon for no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Any longer than that and the acid can break down the salmon, which will result in a mushy piece of fish. Nobody loves mushy fish.

For other types of marinade, you can marinate salmon for up to an hour.

Alternately, if you’re using a simple combination of herbs, spices and oil, you can likely get away with marinating it for up to six hours.

Miso Glazed Salmon Picture

Salmon Marinades

There are no hard and fast rules about what kind of marinades are best for salmon. As with meat or poultry, you should have fun experimenting with what flavor combinations you love best.

Soy Sauce Marinade

This simple, classic soy sauce marinade has a slight Asian influence that pairs beautifully with salmon. 

Because it uses balsamic vinegar you’ll want to be sure to not marinate the salmon for too long.

Miso Glazed Salmon Picture
Miso Glazed Salmon Image

Mediterranean Marinade

Loaded with lemon, garlic and fresh herbs our Mediterranean marinade is an ideal choice for salmon.

Use it for grilled or roasted salmon, and then use any leftover salmon on top of a salad the next day.

Miso Glazed Salmon Image

Salmon Recipes to Try

Salmon is one of our favorite proteins because it’s delicious and loaded with nutritional benefits. Our miso glazed salmon recipe, for instance, is always a hit.

Or we recommend this lemon basil salmon. It’s bright, savory and super delicious.

Love a little spice? Our 3-ingredient blackened salmon recipe is the pick for you!

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