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How to Fail Miserably at Opening a Wine Bottle

We all know that opening a bottle of wine can be tricky.

Sometimes, that cork is wedged in there really tightly and you twist and you twist and nothing happens.

Sometimes, you even end up breaking off pieces of the cork and everything becomes a challenging mess.

So the woman in the following video wanted to try a different tact.

Woman and Shoe

She had read something about a guy who put the base of the wine bottle inside a shoe and then pounded the show against a tree and … presto!

The cork came flying out.

This doesn’t seem like the most convenient way to get the job done if you’re hosting a birthday party or dinner gathering or something. But whatever.

The woman wanted to give this method a shot.

How did it go for her?

wine bottle break?

Let’s say the six pounds she heard it required were not exactly enough.

She kept trying, though, we must give her that.

Watch below to see if she ever gets the job done.