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How to Make an Apple Martini

This wonderful martini recipe uses the fresh, bright flavors of tangy green apples and tart lemon combined with a simple homemade syrup.

It produces a refreshing cocktail you’ll love, particularly during the warmer months. And it’s a great addition to parties, with a cool crisp vibe perfect for summer BBQs, but a gorgeous taste of apples that won’t be out of place at a fall function either!

Caramel Apple Martini Photo

Note: This recipe needs a juicer in order to extract the juice from the fresh apple. If you don’t have one – or you just want to save yourself a few minutes – use a 1/3 cup of store bought unsweetened apple juice instead.

Other ways to flavor an apple martini

This recipe relies on fresh apple for its flavor – but there are lots of other ingredients you can try.

Green apple schnapps is good. It does produce quite a sweet flavor so – as with the recipe below – we’d recommend adding a little lemon juice too.

Apple brandy (Calvados) adds a robust flavor with quite a punch. Try mixing 1/2 ounce of apple brandy and half an ounce of dry vermouth with 1 1/2 ounces of vodka for a deliciously dry apple martini with an unforgettable flavor. 

Caramel Apple Martini Picture

Vodka variations

Whilst this recipe calls for unflavored vodka, you might want to try mixing things up a little and using a flavored one instead!

Pear-flavored vodka goes perfectly with apple and citrus works well too. For a party in the cooler months, why not try a caramel flavored vodka for a warm and wintry touch!

Caramel Apple Martini Image

Preparing your apple martini ahead of time

If you plan to serve your apple martini at a party, you may want to prepare it ahead of time, giving you more time to spend with your guests!

To do this, just chill the martinis in a pitcher or large bottle. If you want to use the apple peel as a garnish, be sure to dip it first in lemon juice. This will preserve its bright green color and stop it turning brown.

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