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How to Make Baby Back Ribs

If you’re craving deliciously juicy and tender baby back ribs, smothered in BBQ sauce and falling off the bone, then you’ve found the perfect recipe! 

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What’s the difference between baby back ribs and spare ribs?

Baby back ribs are also known as back or loin ribs and come from the rib cage of a pig, but the part that is between the spine and the spare ribs. This is located below the loin muscle, resulting in them being super tender. Meat can be found between and on top of the bones, which makes them meatier than spare ribs; they are also much shorter and have more of a curve to them. 


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Choosing baby back ribs

When searching for the best baby back ribs, look for those that have streaked patches of white fat, which will help create more flavor.

Typically, a rack of baby back ribs will contain about 12-13 ribs, which can feed about 2-4 people. To give you an idea of price point, you are likely to pay anywhere between $3-$7 per pound.

Grilled Baby Back Ribs Image

We recommend avoiding buying ribs that have been marinated or enhanced with additives. 

What to serve with ribs

Of course BBQ ribs are delicious just as they are, but to create the most amazing meal, don’t forget to consider your side dishes. Some of our favorites include:

Soul food mac and cheese

Healthy potato salad 

Cornbread zucchini muffins  

Jalapeno cheddar grits

Roasted corn and tomato salad 

Healthy coleslaw

The great thing about these side dishes is that they can be prepared in advance; in fact, by doing so you can allow the flavors to develop more.

If you are a wine lover, pair your BBQ ribs with a Bordeaux, California Cabernet; we also find that because we use a spicier rub on our ribs, Zinfandel, Australian Shiraz or Argentine Malbec pair beautifully.

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Beer and ribs are a dynamic duo, so we recommend brown ales or dark lagers for maximum enjoyment. 

Now, let’s get cooking our Smoky Baby Back Ribs!