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How to Make Green Detox Juice

Once you know how to make green detox juice, it’s easy to produce this refreshing and super-healthy drink in just minutes. It makes a fantastic start to the day – especially if you are short on time in the mornings – and a nutritious snack at any time throughout the day.

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Using a variety of fruits and vegetables to create a green detox juice is also a very good way to make sure you are meeting your daily quota of produce in an efficient, easy to consume way, ensuring your body is getting the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. 

What are the benefits of green detox juice?

Whilst green detox juice isn’t a replacement for a healthy, balanced diet, it gives you all the benefits of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

So that means lots of vitamins, minerals and the plant compounds our bodies need for good health.

These work together to protect our bodies from illness and keep our digestive systems working as they should.

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The benefits of making your own detox juice

It is natural to assume that the commercially made detox juices we see in the stores are healthy – but that’s not always the case.

Some store-bought juices contain sugar in addition to the natural sugars already present in the fruits and vegetables they are made with. We should all be avoiding extra sugar, but this is especially important for people who have blood sugar conditions like diabetes.

When you make your own green detox juice, you know EXACTLY what is in it.

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And if you need to avoid certain types of produce because they are naturally high in sugar, then you can easily substitute them for something else instead.

This recipe from Doctor Oz is very easy to make. It is the perfect blend of ingredients – the cucumber makes it refreshing, the apples add sweetness, the lemon and lime give it a delicious ‘tang’ and the ginger adds a delightfully spicy kick.

Tip: If you struggle to peel fresh ginger root, try using a metal spoon instead of a knife. It is SO much easier!

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