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How to Make Mozzarella Waffle Sticks

It’s a new twist on a cheesy treat. The comfort of a delicious waffle combined with the savory flavor of mozzarella cheese.

It’s hard to even imagine until you try it but we’re sure you’re going to love it, so break out the waffle maker and let’s get started.

We’re going to learn how to make Mozzarella Waffle Sticks!

Mozarella Stick Waffles

Preheat a waffle maker to medium heat.

Cut one 16 ounce block mozzarella into four equal slices, then cut each slice in half into square chunks, making 8 total chunks.

In three separate bowls, place 2 cup flour, 2 large eggs, beaten, and 1 cup seasoned breadcrumbs.

Dredge a mozzarella square in the flour, shaking off the excess, then dip into the beaten egg.

Roll it in the breadcrumbs, making sure that it is completely coated. Put the breaded mozzarella on a plate; repeat with the remaining mozzarella chunks.

Spray the waffle iron on both sides with cooking spray.

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks

Cook the mozzarella squares in the waffle iron for about 2 minutes or until the breadcrumbs are golden brown and the cheese is starting to bubble.

Check out this video for all of the delicious details.

Then serve with marinara sauce and enjoy!