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How to Make Pastrami

While many people like to make pastrami because the homemade version is so delicious, originally people made it as a means of preserving the meat. Without refrigeration, meat would not last, so a preservation method was needed to kill off the bacteria and allow the meat to be kept for quite some time. 

Pastrami has since become popular throughout delis nationwide, but particularly within the Jewish communities in New York.
Turkey Pastrami Photo
Pastrami is typically made with corned beef, which a beef brisket that has been soaked in sugar and various spices.
The corned beef is smoked – which adds a depth of flavor to it – and it then becomes pastrami.
You can now find pastrami made from round and short rib, turkey, lamb, goat, venison and veal!
Turkey Pastrami Image
Pastrami is generally considered to be Kosher, which is why it is popular throughout Jewish households, but some people are branching out and making non-kosher alternatives featuring cuts of pork.
Any lean meat works well when making pastrami, as the long curing process involved allows for the tough muscle fibers in the meat to be broken down. 
Traditionally, pastrami is used as a sandwich filling, but you can get a little more creative with it too! Pastrami is quite versatile and can be eaten hot or cold.
Try adding pastrami to your scrambled eggs, pizza, potato hash and even fried rice! Its deliciously deep, smokey flavor takes many dishes to another level!
Turkey Pastrami Picture
When making pastrami sandwiches, make sure you use a nice mustard to coat both sides of the bread you are using. Cheese lends itself perfectly to pastrami sandwiches too – but then, what doesn’t cheese go well with?!
Brie, mozzarella, and gouda are all excellent choices to pair with pastrami. In fact, make your sandwich even better by turning it into a melt! Add some caramelized red onion too and you have got yourself a winner! 
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With this recipe you are going to make a turkey pastrami, perfect for making hearty sandwiches with all the fixings.