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How to Make Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave

If you are tight on time in the morning, you don’t need to give up having a nutritious and delicious breakfast! Cooking your eggs in the microwave means that you can have breakfast ready in just minutes.

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Due to the way microwaves use their heat to warm food, the texture of microwaved scrambled eggs will be a bit different to that of pan-cooked scrambled eggs.

Microwaved scrambled eggs will not be creamy and you won’t see curds. But on the plus side, you can get quite creative with them! Depending on the shape of the container you use to heat the eggs, you can shape them so they’ll fit perfectly into pita pockets or egg muffins.

To avoid rubbery microwaved scrambled eggs, you need to choose the correct dish to warm them in; they are best cooked in a dish with a lid, that is intended for use in the microwave.

Of course, you can still use a ceramic dish, but the eggs may take longer to cook.

Use butter or oil to avoid the eggs sticking as they cook and use a liquid – approximately half a tablespoon per egg – to make sure they remain airy. Ideas include milk, thin cream or perhaps something a little more flavorful like stock or coconut milk.

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Always cook the eggs in bursts of 30 seconds, using a fork to test their doneness. Residual heat will continue to cook the eggs for a few seconds, so wait a moment before you decide if they are ready.

After the first burst of 30 seconds, add in any extras like cheese or herbs. 

Microwaving eggs is actually one of the best ways to retain their nutrients. The shorter the cooking time of any food, the less nutrients that are lost. And using the microwave is the quickest cooking method of all!

Microwaved scrambled eggs don’t need to be boring! Try mixing them with potato and chorizo to create a delicious breakfast.

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Potato and Chorizo Scramble

Whisk eggs as you would for regular scrambled eggs, not forgetting the salt and pepper and a drop of half and half  to keep things creamy. Stir in some chopped scallions, then pour over diced, cooked potato.

Microwave on high, uncovered, until the edges of the eggs look set – this can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the power of your microwave. 

Stir well, then cook again in 30 second bursts until the eggs are completely set throughout.

Sprinkle with finally chopped chorizo and cook again briefly to warm through, then serve with a parsley garnish. 

Simple and delicious!

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