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How to Make Strawberry Preserves

If you’ve been wondering how to make strawberry preserves, you’re going to LOVE this recipe! With just a few ingredients and very little active prep time, you can produce a delicious batch of preserves that you can use in all sorts of ways!

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These homemade strawberry preserves are wonderful spread on a slice of toast in the morning, or served with clotted cream as a mouthwatering topping for warm scones. You can add them to cooked oatmeal, sweet rice pudding or drizzle them over ice cream

They are also great stirred into natural yogurt, blended into smoothies or used as a pancake topping. As you can see, the ways in which you can enjoy strawberry preserves are endless!

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What is the difference between strawberry preserves and strawberry jam?

They may seem very similar, but they have a distinct difference that sets them apart!

Strawberry jam is made with crushed or pulped fruit, whereas the fruit in strawberry preserves is much more chunky, made with chopped – or even whole- fruit.

What about strawberry jelly?

Jellies are different to jams and preserves in that they are made with fruit juice instead of crushed or whole fruit. This makes them look clearer and gives them a much smoother texture.

Preserves, jams and jellies can be used interchangeably in most recipes.

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How long can you store homemade strawberry preserves?

If you are very familiar with the canning process and have carefully adhered to all safe canning techniques, then your jars of preserves will keep for up to a year when stored in a cool, dark place.

If you are not 100% confident with canning, then just keep the jars in the fridge instead, where they will last for up to one month.

In reality, these homemade strawberry preserves are soooo good that it is very unlikely they will still be hanging around for a year anyway! 

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