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How to Store Ginger

Fresh ginger is perfect to have on hand for a variety of recipes, but you may go some time between recipes that call for it. So what’s the best way to store ginger and keep it fresh?

The proper method to store ginger depends on its form – fresh, dried, candied, or crystallized. 

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Fresh Ginger: 

The best way to store fresh ginger is to keep its skin on, but this can obviously be hard if you’ve already used some! If you’ve cut your ginger already, place the unused root into a freezer bag. press the the air out of the bag, then seal. Keep the bag in the vegetable tray in your fridge, where it should keep for 2 to 3 weeks.

You can also store ginger for longer periods in the freezer. Just place the unpeeled ginger into a freezer bag and remove when needed. You don’t need to thaw it before use – just grate the amount you require. You’ll find ginger is a lot easier to grate when frozen!

If you have removed the skin from the ginger and have some leftover that you want to save, you can preserve it in spirits!

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Simply place the peeled root into a small glass jar and cover completely with vodka or sherry. This will help preserve it for a few weeks. But make sure you check it on it now and again! If you notice that the vodka/sherry begins to look cloudy, you should throw everything away; the cloudiness is a sign that bacteria is present!

Dried Ground Ginger:

Many of us buy dried, ground ginger for recipes and find we have it lingering around for quite some time!

The best way to store this spice is in a cool, dark place, away from any sources of heat. For most of us, this would be your kitchen cupboard – but preferably one that is not above your stove.

If you bought dried ginger that was in a resealable package, you may prefer to either put that into another resealable bag or into a glass jar. This will help keep it dry and prevent moisture getting to it. 

Dried ginger will generally last well beyond the date on the label, perhaps even up to several years after! But to ensure optimum flavor, it should be used within a year or two of the date. If you notice any mold, moisture or big clumps of the ginger, we recommend tossing it out. 

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As with dried ground ginger, it’s best to store candied or crystallized ginger in a cool, dark place away from any heat sources.

If you’re buying commercially made crystallized or candied ginger, it doesn’t spoil, but can lose flavor. For the best flavor, it should be used within two to three years.

If you’re unsure if the flavor is still at its best, simply crush some into your hand, smell it and taste some; if you find the aroma and flavor somewhat weak, then it’s likely to have lost its potency. 

Homemade candied or crystallized ginger will keep for several months when stored in an airtight container, in a dark, cool place. 

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