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How to Toast Bread on a Gas Stove

Did you know that it’s perfectly possible to make toast without a toaster?

Whether your toaster is broken, your power is out or you simply don’t want yet another gadget cluttering up your kitchen counter, learning how to toast bread without a toaster is a useful life lesson!

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Although there are a few different methods you can use, this article is all about how to toast bread on a gas stove – which is probably the easiest way of all! Toasting your bread using a gas stove is also cheaper than doing it in an electric toaster!

Method 1 – Do it directly on the hob

The simplest way to toast bread on the gas stove is to light the burner and place your slice of bread directly on the grate.

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There are a few provisos here – you can’t walk away and leave it because it could burn quickly, you need to keep moving it around to stop it scorching, and you will need to use tongs to protect your fingers.

But the bread will toast very quickly and will have a flavor reminiscent of bread toasted in a camp fire!

Method 2 – Toast it in a pan or griddle

For this you’ll need a heavy pan or griddle, plus a heavy lid (smaller than the pan) or plate. 

We find this method works better with thick slices of bread – thin slices tend to end up a bit too dry.

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Just heat a small pat of butter in the pan over a low heat. Pop in your slice of bread (making sure you move it around to soak up some of that butter) and sit the lid or plate on top of it. 

Leave it for 2 to 3 minutes, then lift the lid or plate and turn the bread over (make sure you move it around a bit to soak up the rest of the butter).

Pop the lid or plate back on top and cook for a further 2 to 3 minutes, until toasted to your liking.

If you prefer not to use butter to do this, you can use olive oil instead. Alternatively, you can simply toast the bread in the pan using no fat whatsoever

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Method 3 – Use a camping toaster

This is a simple little gadget on to which you can place your bread in order to toast it over an open flame.

Some camping toasters are designed to hold 2 slices of bread and some will hold 4. The 4 slice variety usually requires you to toast the bread vertically over the flame, which we find less effective. In fact, you often end up with dried slices of brittle bread instead of toast!

The 2 slice camping toaster holds the bread flat over the flame without having to place the bread directly on the grate. Then you just turn it over to toast the other side. It’s a handy gadget to have if you want to save space in your kitchen and save money too!

Now you’ve made your toast, find out how to keep it crispy!