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How to Toast Bread Without a Toaster

Whether you just broke your toaster, you need extra space on your kitchen counter or you just like doing things the old-fashioned way, the time may come when you need to know how to toast bread without a toaster

If that time is now, then this is your lucky day, because we have five simple methods for you to try!

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Use a Heavy Pan

You don’t need to add any oil – simply heat a non-stick pan, then add as many slices as you need (or will fit in the pan!). Cook for a minute or two on either side.

But whilst you may not NEED to add any oil first, you might just like some for a little extra flavor! Try heating olive oil, or even a decadent pat of butter, before adding your bread to the pan.

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Use Your Broiler

For this method, you need to move your oven rack right to the very top – this will get it as close to the broiler as possible. Preheat the broiler for a few minutes.

You can either place the slices of bread directly on the rack, or put them on an ungreased baking sheet. We prefer to use a baking sheet, to avoid all the crumbs in the bottom of the oven!

Broil the bread for a couple of minutes on each side, until it reaches the shade of golden brown you prefer. Beware – this is the quickest way to toast bread without a toaster, so keep a close eye on things.

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Make Toast in the Oven

This is a slower method, but is a handy one to use if you want to get on and do something else whilst your bread reaches toasted perfection!

The ideal temperature for making toast in the oven is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Preheat the oven for a few minutes, then put the bread on a baking sheet and place it on the middle shelf.

Wait around 5 minutes before opening the oven and turning the bread, then cook for another 4 to 5 minutes.

Learning how to toast bread in the oven is ideal if you need to make breakfast for a crowd, or to make homemade breadcrumbs.  

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Buy a Folding Camp Stove Toaster Rack

This is a brilliantly simple solution, which works best with gas stoves and can toast four slices at a time. It sits on the stovetop, over the flame, and all you need to do is turn the toast when one side is brown. 

Once your crispy toast is ready, allow the rack to cool and fold it flat, which makes it easy to store away!

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Make Toast on a Campfire

A camping trip doesn’t mean you need to go without your morning toast – all you need is a grill rack and a heavy skillet (and a campfire, of course!).

Just place the rack over your campfire and put the skillet on top, making sure that everything is stable. Wait for a few minutes until the skillet is warm, then add your slices of bread. 

Unlike your oven or broiler, the campfire won’t produce a consistent heat, so you will need to check your bread often to make sure it’s cooking evenly, moving it around the skillet as necessary.  

Happy toasting!