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Keto Fruit List

The keto diet has gained huge traction lately, with many people reporting great weight loss results. One of the reasons that keto is so popular is that it enables you to lose weight without going hungry, as you do on many other diets.

It sounds too good to be true, but the keto diet works differently to other diets. Instead of reducing your food intake overall, you make significant adjustments to the TYPES of foods you are eating.

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The main rule of the keto diet is to drastically reduce your intake of carbohydrates – so much, in fact, that carbs represent only 5% of your daily calorie intake. The rest of your calories should come mainly from protein, but also from some healthy fats. 

This change to your diet causes your body to be brought to a state of ‘ketosis’. In ketosis, your body stops using glucose to provide energy. Instead, it starts using something called ‘ketones’, which are produced in the liver from fat. You then start to lose weight as a result.

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Cutting carbs just means cutting out bread and pasta, right?

Whilst bread and pasta may be the foods that most often spring to mind when we talk about carbohydrates, they are actually present in many other foods. If you want to follow a truly ketogenic diet, then it’s important that you know which foods they are.

Many people are surprised to find that fruits actually contain carbohydrates – sometimes in significant amounts. This means that you need to carefully monitor the types of fruits you are consuming and try to stick to those that contain the least amount of carbs.

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Keto fruit list

The following fruits are considered to be the lowest in carbs and the most suitable for a keto diet…

  • avocado – these contain lots of heart-healthy fats, too
  • berries (such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries) – these also contain fiber and are packed with antioxidants
  • cantaloupe – a great source of beta-carotene
  • coconut – a good source of healthy fats
  • lemons – rich in pectin, that helps fight inflammation
  • peaches – contain lots of the vitamins A and C
  • olives – another great source of healthy fats
  • rhubarb – not strictly a fruit but eaten like one, rhubarb tastes great paired with strawberries 
  • starfruit – brimming with vitamin C
  • watermelon – hydrating and sweet
  • plums – a tasty source of vitamins and antioxidants
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As you can see, you still have plenty of options to choose from! And this is important, because fruit contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

But there are some fruits that are especially high in carbs and should be avoided on the keto diet. These tend to be fruits that are very sweet or fruits that are dried.

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Keto fruits to avoid…

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