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Orange Wedges

There is nothing more refreshing than a delicious, juicy orange, bursting with citrusy goodness.

Orange wedges are a great way to enjoy oranges and makes them a perfect snack for children and adults alike. Orange wedges are full of nutrients, including vitamin A, C,  B6, thiamine, and folate.

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Which are healthier – orange wedges or fresh orange juice?

There tends to be quite a lot of debate around whether orange juice is equally as nutritious as orange wedges.

Unless you have hand squeezed your orange juice, it will have likely gone through several processes and been stored for up to a year before being bottled.

These processes include squeezing the oranges and removing the pulp and oils. To remove any enzymes and microbes that could cause the juice to spoil, the juice is then exposed to heat. Finally it is oxidized, which helps prevents damage to the vitamin C.

These processes actually remove some of the flavor from the juice. Much of the time, artificial flavor is added back into the juice prior to packaging.

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Fresh orange wedges suddenly sound a lot more tempting!

Whilst both commercially produced orange juice and fresh orange wedges have similarities when it comes to their nutritional values, there are a few differences.

The biggest difference is that juice loses over half of its fiber content and nearly doubles in calories and carbohydrates. The nutrients mentioned earlier are present in both juice and fresh orange wedges, but processing and storage lead to a loss of nutrients in juice.

Due to the additional calories and sugar levels found in juice, it becomes clear why orange wedges are preferred.

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How to store orange wedges

When stored properly, orange wedges will last for about three to four days in the fridge. To achieve this length of storage time, it is best to make sure they are tightly wrapped in foil or plastic wrap.

You can even freeze orange wedges! To do this, remove the white membrane and seeds.

Heat 2 3/4 cups sugar and 4 cups of water in a saucepan, making a simple syrup. Mix well and bring to the boil; allow the syrup to cool.

Place the orange wedges into an airtight container and pour the simple syrup over them. If you store them this way, their flavor will keep for up to a year. 

Ideas for using orange wedges

Are you looking for some fun, new ways to use orange wedges? Why not try one of these ideas!

Thread orange wedges, strawberries, melon, pineapple and any of your other favorite fruits onto wooden skewers. Have a bowl of melted chocolate or yogurt alongside for dipping.

Orange wedges also make a great salad topping, especially salads that include strawberries and walnuts.

When you next make a fruit salad, throw in some orange wedges for a tangy, citrus flavor.

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Don’t forget that small orange wedges make a great garnish for cocktails! Next time you make a mimosa, why not serve it with an orange wedge on your flute glass? Classy!