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Every Reason the Le Creuset Dutch Oven Is Worth the Hype

I was lucky enough to be gifted my first Le Creuset Dutch oven about fifteen years ago when my income certainly didn’t allow such culinary splurges.

The box was heavy and inside was nestled the small oval Dutch oven in Le Creuset’s iconic Flame color – and I am pretty sure I cried when I opened it.

Since then I have lugged my small but mighty collection of Dutch ovens from apartment to house to house, becoming some of my most prized possesions.

If you ask me if I think the Le Creuset Dutch oven is worth the price the answer will always be an emphatetic, "YES!" They are worth every bit of the hype.

Is the Le Creuset Dutch Oven Worth It

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What Is a Dutch Oven?

Le Creuset is far from the only brand to make Dutch ovens, but they are widely regarded as being the best – or at least one of the very best.

A Dutch oven is a heavy, versatile pot with a lid generally made of cast iron or, in the case of Le Creuset Dutch ovens, enamel coated cast iron.

They feature thick walls and wide sturdy handles making them ideal for a wide range of cooking methods on both the stovetop and in the oven.

A tight, heavy lid helps lock moisture inside the Dutch oven imparting incredible flavor to whatever you might be stewing, roasting, baking or braising.

A favorite for making one-pot meals due to their large size, Dutch ovens are perfect for making everything from beef stew to tender braised beef shanks.

Braised Beef Shanks Image

Why I Love My Le Creuset Dutch Oven

At one point in my adventures as a novice home cook, I subscribed to the more is more mentality. I wanted more pots and more pans and just plain ol’ more.

Over time I have realized that on a daily basis all I need is a handful of solid basics. Over time I’ve moved to fewer, higher quality, high performing pieces.

A few years ago I started phasing out nonstick cookware in our kitchen and now swear by pricier stainless steel cookware that will stand the test of time.

In addition, I have a small collection of Dutch ovens and an array of timeless cast iron skillets and griddles that take care of just about every cooking task.

Plainly, once I started using the heck out of my first Le Creuset Dutch oven, it was over. At that point I wanted everything in my kitchen to be just as nice.

That’s a process I am still working on, but I’ve come a long way. If I’m making soups, stews, chilis or casseroles, I want that consistent, even heat.

My Le Creuset Dutch ovens all cook beautifully, clean up easily and have taken a beating in my kitchen while still looking entirely brand new.

I don’t know about you but if I’m spending money, that’s the exactly what I want in my life – pieces that are true workhorses but still look chic and timeless.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven Photo

Timeless Design + High Quality Craftsmanship

The Le Creuset Dutch oven is an icon for a reason. Known for their timeless design and incredible craftsmanship, they have become the gold standard.

Introduced in 1925, Le Creuset has been making Dutch ovens for nearly a century, and their attention to detail and workmanship is truly unsurpassed. 

Each one is crafted by French artisans with an eye for perfection, with each Dutch oven being put up against rigorous quality standards before it ships.

Over time the design has been perfected to not only maximize results when cooking but also for durabiity and longevity. They are the best of the best.

Le Creuset Colors Photo

Endless Color Selections

The first brand to offer colorful, stylish enamel coated cookware in a wide range of colors, Le Creuset’s legendary color options have become wildly popular.

Collectors often buy all of their pieces in the same color, building out their collection over time. It’s common to see them displayed together in kitchens.

With a virtual rainbow of colors to choose from, ranging from the classic Flame to sophisticated Marseille blue to elegant White, there is a shade for everyone.

You can easily match your personal style and make your Le Creuset pieces the star of your kitchen – plus they double as gorgeous serving pieces!

Superior Heat Retention + Distribution

If we’re comparing all things as equal, the true excellence of a Le Creuset Dutch oven is the super heat retention and distribution. It’s why people love them!

Perfected over many decades, the enameled cast iron construction of a Le Creuset Dutch oven ensures reliable, even heat distribution throughout the pot.

This helps eliminate hot spots across the cooking surface that can cause uneven cooking that can lead to burning or scorching of foods while you cook.

The cast iron retains heat beautifully, making it easier to control the temperature overall or to finish things off when covered with the heat turned off.

In that way the Le Creuset Dutch oven is the culinary equivalent of old faithful. They just work. Simply, consistently and reliably time after time after time.

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Designed to go from stovetop to oven to table, the versatility of my Le Creuset Dutch ovens is one of my very favorite things about the pieces I personally own.

Braising to stewing to baking to roasting, there is nothing these pots can’t do! I use them constantly, making everything from chili to chicken and dumplings.

Durability + Long Lasting Quality

One thing you can count on if you decide to take the plunge and invest in a Le Creuset Dutch oven is that these babies are built to last the test of time.

The high-quality enameled cast iron is designed to be incredibly resistant to chipping, cracking, and staining, ensuring your pot will cook and look like new.

Unlike cheaper alternatives, of which they are many, a Le Creuset Dutch oven will rarely, if ever, need to be replaced making it a piece you’ll love for a lifetime.

Much like like debate over whether or not a Chemex really makes better coffee, this is one kitchen product I will forever proudly stand behind.

You can absolutely find more budget-friendly options (like the highly reviewed Lodge Dutch oven) and should do so if Le Creuset doesn’t work for you.

That said, if the Le Creuset Dutch oven works for you and your budget, I will very enthusiastically talk you into purchasing one day long – thank me later!