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French’s Releasing Mustard Donuts for National Mustard Day

Ahead of National Mustard Day, French’s teamed up with Brooklyn based Dough Doughnuts to create what is likely the first mustard infused donut.

This isn’t the first time that French’s has collaborated on a mustard flavored product. In recent years we’ve seen a mustard beer, mustard ice cream, and even hot dog buns with the mustard baked into the bread. Put me in, Coach!

French's Mustard Donuts Photo

French’s says they are attempting to “reinvent breakfast." They say the bold donut "reimagines a classic glazed doughnut with a vibrant sweet and savory yellow mustard coating that is topped with a yellow mustard cake crumble." 

"French’s Mustard Donuts presented an opportunity to be imaginative and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The iconic tanginess of French’s Classic Yellow Mustard complements the sweet glaze and fluffy texture of the doughnut for the perfect bite," explained Dough owner Steve Klein.

French's Mustard Donuts Picture

Many early taste testers were pleasantly surprised at how much they liked the donut, citing a honey-mustard-like flavor.

Others were less impressed, finding the mustard flavor overwhelming.

If you’re as curious as I am, you can claim your free treat at any brick-and-mortar Dough Doughnuts shop around New York City on Saturday, August 6th. 

If you’re not lucky enough to live near NYC, you can jump on the Dough website to have one shipped to you. This promotion is available while supplies last. To order online, you will have to wait until Saturday to do so.