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Girl Scouts Announces New Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Flavor

Girl Scouts of the United States of America announced they will be featuring a all-new cookie flavor this year which has been dubbed the Raspberry Rally!

At first glance it looks like your everyday Thin Mint. However, a bite into the crispy chocolate cookie will reveal a pink raspberry filled center.

The organization said Raspberry Rally is a “sister” cookie to the Thin Mint, which has long been their best-selling cookie to date.

In addition, Girl Scouts announced that the Raspberry Rally will be their first ever cookie flavor available exclusively online.

Girl Scout Raspberry Rally Cookies Photo

What Is the New Girl Scout Cookie Coming Out in 2022?

Typically when Girls Scouts releases a new cookie flavor, it’s an all-new cookie concept with a completely unique look and flavor combination.

From concept to development the Raspberry Rally is a change from the norm – notably, it’s the first time Girl Scouts has reimagined an existing cookie in their lineup when developing a new flavor.

The Raspberry Rally cookies look nearly identical to their Thin Mint counterpart, which will likely be a huge draw when it comes to sales.

A thin crispy cookie boasting the same delicious chocolate coating as a Thin Mint, the Raspberry Rally is bright pink inside and features no mint flavor.

Infused with fruity raspberry flavor, GIrls Scouts has dubbed Raspberry Rally the sister to their legendary Thin Mint cookie.

How to Buy the New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Raspberry Rally

Girls Scouts USA has long touted their sales program as intended to teach "leadership, problem-solving, and community building" as well as an "understanding of the world of business, money management, and entrepreneurship."

Few people are strangers to the sight of Girl Scouts peddling cookies door to door, in front of grocery stores or via their moms’ Facebook pages.

Sales of Girl Scouts cookies generally kick off in January and they’re generally pretty widely available until April, depending on where you live.

Each year it seems like just as we’re settling into winter, there’s a glimmer of light shining through the cold – cookie season has arrived!

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until January 2023 to get your hands on Raspberry Rally and the rest of the iconic Girl Scouts cookie lineup.

There’s one exception! Unlike the other cookie varieties, you’ll only be able to purchase your Raspberry Rally stash online.

While January seems like an eternity from now, that makes the anticipation that much better! I know I’ll definitely be snagging a couple boxes to try.

In the meantime, should you find yourself craving Samoas (the best cookie ever) and can’t wait that long, you need to try our homemade Samoas recipe!

Or maybe Thin Mints are more your speed. We got you covered, with our homemade Thin Mints recipe, too!