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Girl Scouts Introduce NEW Cookie: What Is It?!?

Move over, Tagalongs.

Take a seat, Samoas.

Yes, even you, Thin Mints. Just chill for a minute.

Because the Girl Scouts of America have an announcement to make: there’s a brand new cookie on the way!

new cookie

The organization saved this special announcement for today, which represents National S’Mores Day, because the new cookie is…

… drumroll, please…

… Girl Scout S’mores!

You can see the social media confirmation above and scroll down for the official announcement on the Girl Scouts website:

new cookies

We’re celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies by introducing new Girl Scout S’mores cookies. That’s right!

We’re combining two iconic Girl Scout traditions—s’mores and Girl Scout Cookies!

This sounds… amazing.

The s’mores flavor will even come in two different varieties:

One will a graham cracker cookie dipped in a crème icing and then dipped in chocolate, as you can see here:

Smore cookie

The other will be a graham sandwich cookie with a chocolate-marshmallow filling in between, as you can see here:

good cookie

The only bad piece of news here is that the cookies won’t go on sale until 2017.

But, hey, we at least know of a few s’mores-themed recipes you can enjoy until then. Check ’em out below:

good cookie