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Here’s How to Get a Leg Lamp Beer Tower from Miller High Life

There is no denying the Christmas movies of the 80s and 90s are some of the best ever made. Highly quotable and pure nostalgia – the perfect combo.

With movies like Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and Die Hard in the lineup, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but one stands out for me – A Christmas Story.

For a lot of us, this movie was spot on. It wasn’t about miracles, Santa, reindeer or magic. It was a movie about the average family and an average Christmas.

In other words, it was completely relatable for a lot of average joe kids.

To honor their love for the movie and that scene in particular, Miller High Life has made their own leg lamp beer tower, available for purchase later this week!

Miller High Life Leg Lamp Photo

Miller High Life Introducing Leg Lamp That Dispenses Beer

If you are familiar with the movie, you know all about the infamous leg lamp. “Fra-gee-lay…it must be Italian!” This quote lives in my head rent free, 24/7.

Following the Miller Lite Christmas tree keg stand, I wasn’t sure a holiday promotion could get much cooler. It turns out? I was mistaken.

This version of the lamp is different than its iconic counterpart. Standing 3-and-a-half-feet tall and weighing 35 pounds, this light is not your average leg lamp. 

A decided upgrade from the original, this version of the famed leg lamp holds a 6-pack of Miller High Life – or something enitrely different if you prefer.

Miller High Life Leg Lamp Picture

Above the heel you’ll find a small tap for refilling your brew, making for one festive way to decorate for the holiday season this year if you ask me. 

Just in case you were wondering; yes, the lamp actually lights up! Included are 3 battery powered puck lights that are operated by remote.

Miller High Life Christmas Story Leg Lamp Picture

The look of the lamp is different than the movie version also, paying homage to the Girl in the Moon on the brand’s labels. I personally dig the upgrade!

It still feels like a total nod to the iconic movie scene, while switching things up.

Like the movie lamp, Miller High Life has announced that the leg lamp beer tower will ship in it’s very own "fra-gee-lay" box joking that, "It must be Italian!"

Miller High Life Christmas Story Leg Lamp Photo

How to Get a Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower

The Miller High Life leg lamp beer tower will go on sale at 10am/ET on Friday December 9th fexclusively in the Miller High Life Holiday Shop, while supplies last.

The festive addition to your holiday party decor will ring in at a retail price of $120.00. All that’s left to do is fill it with the Champagne of Beers and get to toasting!

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen A Christmas Story, drop what you’re doing, heat some spiked Nutella hot cocoa, make a little cinnamon roll popcorn, and get to watching the classic of all classics!

Just don’t shoot your eye out!