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Home Canning Starter Kit Review

When new canners ask me for a list of supplies, one thing I always recommend is a Home Canning Kit. While not completely necessary if you have the more essential items in your kitchen already, I find that it’s a pretty inexpensive buy for something that makes my canning life a bit easier.

The 5-piece Home Canning Kit includes:

  • Funnel: The item I use the most – great for pouring hot jam into jars and not getting it all over the counter.
  • Jar lifter: This is my next most frequently used item; it grips on to the heavier filled jars so that you can easily pull them out of hot water.
  • Lid lifter: A small stick that has a magnet at the top for grabbing lids out of hot water.
  • Tongs: I usually use these to grab empty jars out of hot water, tilt them to drain the water out, and then fill them with hot jam.
  • Jar wrench: This comes in handy when I’m trying to get a stubborn lid off a filled jar to enjoy.

While the tools are made mostly of plastic and aren’t very heavy duty, as a frequent canner, I have found that after several years of constant use they’ve held up pretty well – and, you can always buy pieces separately if you wear one out or only need a couple to add to your kitchen. For the price, this kit is worth the convenience the tools provide.


  • Easy to clean
  • Can purchase items separately


  • Plastic is on the cheap side – not heavy duty