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Hurry Up and Join the Waiting List for These Rosé Gummy Bears

We don’t want to alarm you.

We don’t want you to hurt your wrists or fingers in learning the following piece of news and then reacting to it out of panic or desperation.

So please be careful. But also please consider what we have to say below:


Rosé gummy bears are an actual thing.

But you need to get on the waiting list for these amazing snack items now, lest you miss out on them forever.

We have boutique candy store Sugarfina to thank for these cute and (presumably) delicious items, though the establishment does want to make clear that you should act fast if you wish to consume a Rosé gummy bear or two… dozen.

There is an ongoing waiting list of over 3,000 people.

The company shared an Instagram photo in response to the demand, writing as a caption to the above image:

"You guys, the rosé gummy madness is out. of. control. We now have more than 3000 (update: 3482!) people on the wait list."

The store will reportedly be restocking them in late July.

Email if you wish to be included on the wait list.

We will now leave you to it.