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KitchenIQ 3-in-1 Mini Prep Multi Tool Review

The Kitchen IQ 3-in-1 Prep Tool definitely proves that big things come in small packages. This small, handheld multi-tool comes with a scrubber, a peeler, and a handheld dicer.

This tool is perfect for anyone wanting to save kitchen space. It’s especially handy for those who find themselves preparing vegetables frequently – this handy tool makes quick work of cucumbers, potatoes, or any other vegetable you need scrubbed, peeled and diced. This tool also proves helpful for the preparation of desserts – zucchini or carrots are made cake and quick bread ready in a snap.

All of the pieces of this compact tool fit together easily and come apart without much effort. It’s not too tall to fit perfectly in your kitchen drawer, but would be just as perfect in a permanent spot next to your kitchen sink. It measures roughly 3 inches round, making it compact enough to fit easily in any area where space is scarce.

The Kitchen IQ 3-in-1 Prep Tool is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to use for long periods of time without being cumbersome. The pieces lock together securely, making it safe to use with no threat of the chopper slipping out at an inopportune moment.


  • Small in size, making for easy storage
  • Handles the scrubbing, peeling, and chopping, making other equipment unnecessary


  • Dicer is sharp, but not as sharp as most knives, making it less preferable for tougher vegetables