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KitchenIQ Potato Tool Review

This Kitchen IQ Potato Tool is so handy! It combines three handy things into one compact handheld little piece that works great for potatoes, as well as other fruits and veggies!

The tool is comprised of a sturdy scrubber, a sharp blade, and a small paring knife. The scrub bristles are made of stiff plastic making them perfect for removing dirt from all the nooks and crannies in a potato. The plastic is easy to keep clean and I haven’t had any problem with them coming loose or bending under heavy use. The blade is sharp!!! I normally swear by old school metal potato peelers because I have been let down too many times. The Kitchen IQ peeler blade holds up though; blades are something this particular brand does really well.

There is a small paring knife that easily pops in and out of the peeler handle. It is also very sharp! And is just the perfect size for cutting out bad spots or the beginnings of potato eyes. The use of the blade-in-the-handle here is clever, and to accommodate, the handle on the actual peeler is a little fatter than it would normally be. This feature actually makes the grip more comfortable. I dig it.

I’m able to easily scrub all my baking potatoes with this tool. Peeling and prepping for mashed potatoes is quick work. I’ve also found this Kitchen IQ Potato Tool really useful for apples, zucchini, cucumbers, and fresh ginger! It is small and functional and I’d recommend it!

One problem I have run into with repeated washes and use is that I’ve noticed a few spots on the paring knife where the blade seems to be slightly pitting. It hasn’t affected the functionality of the piece, but it doesn’t look as pristine as the the rest. I’d recommend making sure that both the handle and the knife are completely dry before putting them back together and storing.


  • sharp blades
  • comfortable grip
  • smart 3-in-1!


  • pitting on the knife blade after use