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KitchenIQ V-etched Container Grater Review

The Kitchen IQ V-Etched Container Grater is the perfect tool when you need to grate or shred cheese, vegetables or spices. It contains four different blades so almost any food can be easily shredded or grated. It even has a slicer blade which I love to use to slice cucumbers or potatoes.   

One of my favorite things about this grater is that it is also a storage container so if I need to slice or grate food for later, I can easily do my prep work in advance then store the whole container in my refrigerator. The container is marked with measurements so it works well when following a recipe. 

The Kitchen IQ V-Etched Container Grater has so many benefits over other graters. The blades are non-stick which makes for very easy clean up. The container has a no slip bottom, making it very easy to use.  The best part is that this tool is compact so it stores well and all the blades fit right in the container.


  • Sharp blades cut food to perfect shreds and slices.
  • Easy to use along with very easy clean up.
  • Versatile and works with an array of foods.
  • Compact and stores well.   


  • Sharp blades work well but be careful not to cut your fingers.