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10 Cocktails to Mix for Mom on Mother’s Day

We all know the drill – Mother’s Day is coming and that puts the pressure on all of us to help make one of the most important women in our lives feel appreciated, relaxed, and pampered.

I hardly need to point out all of the sacrifice that goes into parenting, which makes it hard to express the appropriate level of gratitude, respect, and admiration we have for our moms, especially in just one short day.

I don’t think that moms ever get tired of homemade expressions of love. Remember when you were little and brought home handmade cards, painted dry noodle necklaces on yarn, and glittery framed photos of your shining face?

Obviously, at that time, nothing meant more to her than that, but after a certain age, you’re probably not going to really get by with such creations.

Enter these delicious, unique, flavorful cocktails perfect for Mother’s Day! Toast Mom with a festive drink and a homemade meal she won’t soon forget.

Raspberry Mojito Photo
Raspberry Mojito Recipe
Our flavorful, tangy and sweet raspberry mojito recipe is a refreshing way to bring a classic frozen mojito to life. Paired with blueberries, this raspberry drink is served with mint and rimmed with sugar for the perfect festive drink. This is a drink that reminds you that a beautiful, sunny summer is just around the corner and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the woman who brings joy to your life!
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How to Make a Gimlet Photo
Gimlet Recipe
This simple, classy cocktail features gin and lime, sweetened up with simple syrup. Garnish with a slice of lime for a classic look! This four ingredient recipe features items you may already have at home, making it a treat Mom may add to her recipe catalog for years to come. It’s crisp, refreshing and feels special despite being so simple to make.
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Strawberry Pimm’s Slush Photo
Strawberry Pimm’s Slush Recipe
Honor Mom with this tasty drink that will hit the spot as she lounges in the spring sunshine. Frozen strawberries, Pimm’s liqueur, lemon lime soda, and lemon lime are the perfect combination for this boozy slushy cocktail. Garnish with fresh strawberries and mint for the perfect presentation. Mom will love it!
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Blackberry Mojito Sangria Photo
Blackberry Mojito Sangria Recipe
I love a fresh mojito, especially dressed up with some fruity favorites. This blackberry mojito sangria is a cocktail takes the classic mint and rum combo of a traditional mojito and adds blackberries and dry wine, along with sweet agave nectar. It’s delicious, sweet, and familiar, with a twist your mom will appreciate.
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Pimm’s and Tonic Photo
Pimm’s and Tonic Recipe
Is Mom not a fan of sweet and fruity drinks? She will love this gin and tonic spinoff! Gin, tonic, Pimm’s, and lime come together served over ice, garnished with cucumber for a drink with a sophisticated air. This delightful cocktail tastes like sunshine. It’s bright, crisp, bubbly and the ultimate refreshing cocktail.
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Moscato Sangria Photo
Moscato Sangria Recipe
More of a wine mixer, this cocktail is the perfect fit for moms who enjoy sweet wine. As an added bonus, it’s filled with boozy fruit that’s perfect for a punchy snack for now or later – and it looks great in the glass when served. You’ll want to enjoy this as soon as possible after you make it to prevent fermentation, so consider sharing with Mom!
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Charred Orange Whiskey Photo
Charred Orange Whiskey Recipe
This cocktail is a spinoff of a classic Old Fashioned cocktails, adding surprisingly delicious charred orange slices to give the liquor a bit of a bite, without all the tartness of bitters. The ginger and orange blend is warm and inviting, and will be a lifelong favorite for sure. If Mom loves a traditional cocktail, mix this one up for her to enjoy. It’s so good, she’ll probably ask for another!
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Bloody Mary Photo
Bloody Mary Recipe
This brunch classic will give Mom a head start to her day when combined with breakfast in bed! Or, enjoy it later in the day with or without a meal for a filling, hearty drink that is fun and versatile. Garnish with cooked shrimp, cheese and tomato skewers, or sliced lime for a tasty and fun presentation.
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Aperol Spritz Photo
Aperol Spritz Recipe
Aperol, a bitter orange aperitif, has a moderate alcohol content and thus pairs well with prosecco in this sweet, refreshing spritz. Combine with San Pellegrino Aranciata Rosso soda, which on its own is a treat, for a yummy, fruity drink that will add the sensation of sunshine to Mom’s special day.
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Bourbon Sour with Lemon & Rosemary Photo
Bourbon Sour with Lemon & Rosemary Recipe
This tart, cozy drink uses a rosemary-infused simple syrup to add sweet, aromatic flavor to sour, fruity lemon for a balanced blend that will make you crave it all year round! If your mom loves lemon candy, this is a definite go-to for Mother’s Day. The mix of citrus and herbal notes is sophisticated, while still tasting a bit like a grown-up lemonade.
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