11 Awesome Ways to Include Apple with Your Dessert



It’s more than just a technology company.

It’s also a tasty flavor that you may be overlooking each time you want to whip up a dessert.

But we’re here to change that. Consider the following dessert recipes this week, each of which relies on apple as its primary ingredient…

  1. Apple Pie Cookie Cups Recipe
    • Apple Pie Cookie Cups Photo
    • Food Fanatic is excited to welcome Sarah Michelle Gellar as our newest baking contributor. Sarah is passionate about getting kids in the kitchen with you, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with Foodstirs baking kits and mixes, a company Sarah Michelle herself helped launch. We hope you think these Apple Pie …
  2. Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples Recipe
    • Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples Photo
    • There’s a few key points to being a successful food blogger that I have learned throughout my career: 1. Make things that involve quinoa. 2. Make above mentioned quinoa into some sort of burrito, or Texy-Mexy dish. 3. Add cheese. On everything. 4. A dishwasher that actually works will make life a whole lot easier. Okay, they may …
  3. Apple Hand Pies Recipe
    • Apple Hand Pies Photo
    • When it comes to apple pie recipes, I look for a few specific things. First, the pie must have a high crust-to-filling ratio (or crumble-to-filling ratio, if you prefer crisps). And if there are pictures attached, I’m looking for a super-flaky, buttery-looking crust. If the crust is crummy, why bother with pie? A few winters ago, I …
  4. Candy Apples Recipe
    • Candy Apples Photo
    • Today I’m stepping out of my “chocolate fanatic” box to share some Candy Apples. If you’re going to take a break from chocolate, I think candy is the perfect way to do that. Step away from one sugary treat right towards another sugary treat. Seems about right for a gal like me. This week Food Fanatic is having …
  5. Swedish Apple Pie Recipe
    • Swedish Apple Pie Photo
    • Even though my family loves to eat apples all year long, in the fall I tend to start tucking them into everything we eat. Breakfast is obviously a go-to, like in these whole wheat apple cinnamon muffins, but we also like to go savory in one of my older son’s favorite dinner dish, which combines apples …
  6. Gluten Free No Bake Caramel Apple Pie Recipe
    • Gluten Free No Bake Caramel Apple Pie Photo
    • As we head into my favorite time of year, I suddenly get inspired to try all sorts of fun and delicious desserts. This includes pie of course, lots and lots of pie!  In the past, I have almost always gone with a traditional pumpkin pie or something chocolate.  This time I decided to try a …
  7. Apple Rose Tart Recipe
    • Apple Rose Tart Photo
    • Fall is my absolute favorite, favorite time of year! The smells, the colors, the clothes, the food, and oh those leaves! Those gorgeous falling leaves! I get so excited from about October 1 until January each year. The holidays and the weather always get me all cozied up and in a great mood for seemingly …
  8. Apple Pie Cookies Recipe
    • Apple Pie Cookies Photo
    • I grew up with the Queen of Pie Crust. Yes, I am, in fact talking about my mother. She makes one phenomenal pie crust, which means she makes one mean pie. What kind of pie? Pick any kind – it’s out of this world. As such, I fully blame her for what I like to …
  9. Apple Pie Cupcakes Recipe
    • Apple Pie Cupcakes Photo
    • Let’s talk about Apple Pie Cupcakes, okay? Here’s the thing – being a baker, most people assume that my favorite desserts are super complicated concoctions, but that is DEFINITELY not the case. With me, the simpler the better. Because of this, Apple Pie has always been one of my favorite desserts. Does it really get …
  10. Gluten Free Apple Pie Bars Recipe
    • Gluten Free Apple Pie Bars Photo
    • For me, early fall is all about apples. I know a lot of people would like to completely skip over apple season and get right to pumpkin but for me, there has to be a transition between light summer baked goods like this gluten free lemon bars recipe and pumpkin. On the first of September, I go on a cinnamon …
  11. Apple Strudel Recipe
    • Apple Strudel Picture
    • Baking bread is something I’m so passionate about, and a skill I’ve honed over time. These days I bake nearly all the bread for our five-person household and that includes not only our sandwich bread and crusty loaves of dinner bread, but sweet breads too. My girls adore my Cinnamon Pear Twist Bread, it’s their favorite! …

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