11 Homemade Treats to Hand Out on Halloween


Trick or treat?

How about: trick or HOMEMADE treat?

That’s right, it’s time to show up your neighbors!

It’s time to follow one of the following homemade candy recipes and take your Halloween guests by delicious surprise this year…

  1. Monster Cookies Recipe
    • Monster Cookies Photo
    • When my son started school last year, I was obsessed with trying to be the perfect mom packing the perfect lunches. I even made a spreadsheet to keep track of what I was packing, to make sure he got both a fruit and a veggie, that I never packed him the same thing two days …
  2. Heath Bar Cookies Recipe
    • Heath Bar Cookies Photo
    • Growing up, Heath Bars were a staple item in our home. My dad is a self-professed chocolate and toffee lover; so naturally, Heath Bars are pretty much his favorite thing – ever. I wasn’t so fond of them when I was a kid, so they’d stay out in the open unlike the Nerds and Taffy …
  3. Rolo Cookie Bars Recipe
    • Rolo Cookie Bars Photo
    • Do you guys have those certain food items that simply cannot be in your presence due to the fact that you’ll shove them into your face at breakneck speed? Yeah, Rolos are one of those items for me. Within a matter of minutes, I’ll find myself in a sugar coma with chocolate-coated fingertips surrounded by …
  4. Nerds Popcorn Recipe
    • Nerds Popcorn Photo
    • As the self-declared popcorn queen, I’m always looking for a new twist to put on popcorn. Whether it be sweet or savory, I always have something up my sleeve. Not too long ago, I debuted the Nerds Milkshake and I couldn’t believe the reaction it got! I think Nerds bring back memories for so many people. They’re …
  5. Butterfinger Cookie Sandwiches Recipe
    • Butterfinger Cookie Sandwiches Photo
    • I’ve never been much of a candy bar-lover. As a kid, I usually opted for something chewy or gummy, like Skittles or Sour Patch Kids—but I’ve always totally loved Butterfingers. I mean, how can you not? No other bar can match the flakey, crispy peanut butter-y inside! Okay, but wait, you guys, I think I …
  6. Chocolate Rum Balls Recipe
    • Chocolate Rum Balls Photo
    • I have been so busy this month! I had all these plans for recipes all month long and the past couple weeks have been way too busy with other things going on in my life to be able to share all what I wanted to make and blog about. Looks like I might be saving …
  7. Holiday Trail Mix Recipe
    • Holiday Trail Mix Photo
    • Trail mix is a favorite snack around here. There are so many delicious flavor combinations and ingredients in all of the store-bought versions. The only problems with those are the fact that they’re not necessarily gluten-free. Some have ingredients that contain wheat, some are processed in facilities that also process wheat and pose a cross-contamination …
  8. M&M Brownies Recipe
    • M&M Brownies Photo
    • Hello, Food Fanatic fans! I’m back with another easy chocolate recipe for you. I’m really digging being the resident chocolate addict. It’s a pretty cool gig. My family and friends always ask me why I’m always in such a good mood. I usually tell them when you love your job it makes your life so much happier. …
  9. Monster Cookie Bars Recipe
    • Monster Cookie Bars Photo
    • So Easter has come and gone, but since I’m a total holiday candy hoarder, we have a huge basket of the pastel, festive stuff stashed away in the pantry. And because we’re the best egg hiders on the planet, Elle is still locating those colorful plastic eggs filled with miniature candy bars, weeks later. I …
  10. Candy Apples Recipe
    • Candy Apples Photo
    • Today I’m stepping out of my “chocolate fanatic” box to share some Candy Apples. If you’re going to take a break from chocolate, I think candy is the perfect way to do that. Step away from one sugary treat right towards another sugary treat. Seems about right for a gal like me. This week Food Fanatic is having …
  11. Almond Joy Recipe
    • Almond Joy Bars Photo
    • Chocolate, coconut, and almonds. It’s a classic combination that so many of us love. In fact, my only complaint about Almond Joys is that you only get two tiny bars in the standard package. I mean… what is that about?? I want to know who thought that was a good idea. Who sat there and said, ‘why …

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