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11 Pizza Recipes for Party Perfection

Who turns down pizza? Pretty much no one, that’s who. Pizza is a favorite of kids, parents, and ninja turtles the world over. Even though Americans didn’t invent pizza, we sure took to it like fish in water. 

Now, you might argue that there’s only one good kind of pizza – the one from wherever you live – but we’re equal opportunity pizza lovers. From thick crust to thin and toppings that run the gamut from sausage to cauliflower to kale, we adore anything that can be called pizza.

Luckily for us, there’s almost no limit to what falls into that category. We’ve collected our 11 favorite recipes to help get you going on the pizza train. What are you waiting for? Put down the phone, step away from the delivery menu, and grab these easy-to-please recipes for your next dinner party.

Pizza Dough Photo
Pizza Dough
Get things started with this recipe for pizza dough, then go nuts with toppings.
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Gluten Free Pizza Photo
Gluten Free Pizza
Avoid gluten? You don’t have to avoid pizza! We’ve got you covered.
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Pear Caramelized Onion Goat Cheese Pizza Photo
Goat Cheese Pizza
Change up your cheese routine with this tangy goat cheese pizza.
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Homemade Pizza Rolls Photo
Pizza Rolls
Tired of flat pizza? Try these rolls on for size!
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Cast Iron Deep Dish Pizza Photo
Cast Iron Deep Dish Pizza
Deep dish pizza means you can put even more of what you love inside. Sauce it up!
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Winter Caprese Pizza
Caprese Pizza
With this pizza, you don’t need to make excuses for eating it at breakfast!
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Indian Pizza with Roasted Cauliflower
Indian Cauliflower Pizza
Roasted veggies get the star treatment in this unique pizza.
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Pumpkin Pizza Dough Picture
Pumpkin Pizza Dough
Looking for a new dough? We love this version featuring the goodness of pumpkin.
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BBQ Chicken Pizza Photo
BBQ Chicken Pizza
BBQ sauce adds zest to this amazing chicken pizza.
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Kale and Sweet Potato Pizza Picture
Kale and Sweet Potato Pizza
Potatoes and kale on pizza? Yes! This might just become your new favorite.
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Grilled Chicken Taco Pizza Photo
Grilled Chicken Taco Pizza
This cheese-free pizza is smothered in saucy ranch-style beans and topped with crisp corn chips. Fiesta time!
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