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11 Reasons To Dive Into Celebrating National Soup Month

Did you know January is National Soup Month? We’re not sure who decides these food holidays, but we’re sure glad they do. More reason to eat the coziest of foods – soup! 

From quinoa and chickpeas to savory stuffed peppers, pretty much any ingredient you can think of can find a home in soup. If ever there were a more forgiving kind of recipe, we can’t think of it. 
Whether it’s Chicken Noodle whipped up quick on the stove or Chicken Vegetable Chili microwaved on your lunch hour, you’d be hard pressed to find an all-in-one meal that’s easier. 
We’ve even been using soup to create risotto – yup, we’re pretty crazy that way. Find the recipe below, and 10 more reasons to be glad it’s January, including light and fluffy beer bread muffins, perfect for dipping.