11 Scone Recipes That Will Brighten Up Your Breakfast


Want to save yourself a trip to the bakery?

Want to enjoy a delicious breakfast from the comfort of your kitchen?

Good. We do, too.

That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of scrumptious scone recipes…

  1. Cherry Scones Recipe
    • Cherry Scones Picture
    • One of my favorite things to bake up any time of year is scones. They come together quickly, bake up in a flash, and can be customized in countless ways. I’ve made them with every kind of fruit imaginable, chopped chocolate, herbs, and even bacon jam. I never get tired of them, and luckily, neither …
  2. Cranberry Orange Scones Recipe
    • Cranberry Orange Scones Photo
    • I am one of those people that is very easily distracted by the baked goods case in the coffee shop. You’re with me on that one, right? So many pretty glazed things, so little time. There are breads and muffins, cookies and little spongy madeleine cakes — you can tell I spend a lot of …
  3. Peppermint Mocha Scones Recipe
    • Peppermint Mocha Scones Photo
    • This time of year I go a little bit over board with the peppermint treats. Is anyone else with me? I look for every single way I can get that peppermint goodness into my baking. Fudge, cookies, and popcorn have been given the peppermint treatment in our kitchen this month.  And so far, there is no …
  4. Lemon Cream Scones Recipe
    • Lemon Cream Scones Photo
    • When I think of brunch, Mother’s Day or otherwise, I always think of scones. cream scones, tender and lightly sweet, are the best part of any brunch. I am counting on these lemon cream scones, with fresh flavorful lemon zest, to brighten up my Mother’s Day this year! Though I have never hosted a Mother’s Day brunch before, …
  5. Frosted Chocolate Banana Scones Recipe
    • Frosted Chocolate Banana Scones Photo
    • The first week of summer break is always rough. And by rough I really mean lazy. Our kids have been sleeping in really late after a whole school year of being up early. I have let them sleep until they wake up naturally for that first week. There were a few days they went to …
  6. Orange-Spiced Raisin Pecan Scones Recipe
    • Orange-Spiced Raisin Pecan Scones Photo
    • Scones are a favorite breakfast treat around our house. You can keep them as basic or as dressed up as you’d like. In this basic recipe you have a nice, tender crumb accented with pumpkin pie spice, golden raisins, and chopped pecans. One of the things that I love about scones is that you can easily adapt a …
  7. Spinach Feta Scones Recipe
    • Spinach Feta Scones Photo
    • Buttery little bites filled with spinach and feta cheese. Spinach feta scones are a great savory option that are delicious fresh from the oven, but will keep for several days making mornings extra easy. This spinach feta scone recipe is one I make often. I used to sell them to a local coffee shop, but before that, …
  8. Cherry Chocolate Chip Scones Recipe
    • Cherry Chocolate Chip Scones Photo
    • Our morning routine is getting later and later each day. We started off last month with everyone getting up early for school and having extra time in the morning before we had to leave. Everyone was getting used to a new area and routine, so getting up early was easy to do. As the weeks …
  9. Piña Colada Scones Recipe
    • Piña Colada Scones Photo
    • When we went to Jamaica last fall, all I wanted to do was get off the shuttle, grab the nearest piña colada, and head for the pool. Instead we had to wait, and wait, and wait some more, and then scurry off to dinner with the rest of the group. I didn’t get my piña colada until the …
  10. Ham Asparagus Scones Recipe
    • Ham Asparagus Scones Photo
    • For me spring is synonymous with brunch, and like anyone with a fondness for breakfast I do what I can to make sure brunch happens often. It doesn’t hurt that the warmer weather makes it even more inviting to dress up for brunch and turning it into a fancy date (even if you’re just with your squirrely kids). …
  11. Classic English Scones Recipe
    • Classic English Scones Photo
    • One of the first things I enjoy most when I land back on British soil is a lovely scone with clotted cream, jam, and pot of tea. Why it tastes better on home turf I do not know. I try and make scones at home as often as possible to get my fix and they’re always best …

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