11 Sheet Pan Dinner Recipes Perfect for Sunday Dinner


We’re big big fans of easy dinner recipes around the Food Fanatic parts, but I might be the actual biggest fan of all. The easier the better!

As a food writer, my days revolve around food – which I love! Add in being a busy mom though, and sometimes sorting out dinner is too much like work. 

That’s where simple sheet pan dinner recipes and one pan recipes come into play! All the comfort food you want, but limited effort. 

These sheet pan dinner recipes check all the boxes, while also being special enough to be perfect for a classic Sunday dinner! 

  1. Sheet Pan Sausage Dinner Recipe
    • Sheet Pan Sausage Dinner Photo
    • This sheet pan sausage dinner recipe is inspired by the flavors of fall and with one bite you’ll understand why. Cheesy sausage is baked alongside sweet potatoes, apples and a simple apricot glaze for a hearty, belly warming Sunday dinner your family and friends will love. Have I mentioned how much I love a good sheet pan dinner recipe? It’s all about the easy prep and clean-up!
  2. Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos Recipe
    • Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos Photo
    • Ok, confession time. I love (as in, LOVE) making sheet pan nachos. It’s such a fun way to do snacks on game day or make a simple, tasty dinner. Our sheet pan chicken nachos recipe is no different! You can make a full tray of nachos for the whole family in minutes customized to what your family likes, and get a dinner your family will love on the table super fast!
  3. Sweet Potato Sheet Pan Tacos Recipe
    • Sweet Potato Sheet Pan Tacos Photo
    • This simple recipe for sweet potato sheet pan tacos is about to become a new family favorite! Roasted, caramelized chunks of sweet potatoes and onions are stuffed into soft tortilla shells along with black beans, corn, crunchy slice red cabbage, avocado and crumbled cotija cheese. Easy enough for a weeknight, but special enough for Sunday dinner, don’t miss out on these tacos!
  4. Sheet Pan Honey Garlic Lemon Chicken Recipe
    • Sheet Pan Honey Garlic Lemon Chicken Photo
    • An easy dinner that is flavorful and memorable, this sheet pan honey garlic lemon chicken with veggies will be loved by the entire family. So quick and easy to prep, and clean up is a cinch! Green beans, potatoes and chicken breast are smothered in a simple sauce of honey, mustard, garlic, herbs and olive oil and roast to perfection in just about a half hour.
  5. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Recipe
    • Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Photo
    • These sheet pan chicken fajitas are quick and easy to toss together! The most time-consuming part is slicing the bell peppers and onion. Just coat everything in a little olive oil and the homemade fajita seasoning, roast until tender and juicy, then serve with your favorite soft tortillas, a big squeeze of fresh lime juice, dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of cilantro if you prefer.
  6. Chicken, Potato and Brussels Sprout Sheet Pan Dinner
    • Chicken, Potato and Brussels Sprout Sheet Pan Dinner Photo
    • If you’re not yet convinced that sheet pan dinners are the way to go for dinner any night of the week, let this chicken, potato and Brussels sprouts sheet pan dinner recipe be the deciding factor! If you don’t feel like making a pot roast for Sunday dinner, make this instead. Veggies and chunked chicken are tossed with Za’atar, roasted and then sprinkled with pomegranate seeds before serving.
  7. Sheet Pan Chicken and Squash Dinner Recipe
    • Sheet Pan Chicken and Squash Dinner Photo
    • Spice up dinner with our simple but flavorful sheet pan chicken and squash dinner recipe! A delicious and easy meal to make with very few dishes to be cleaned up after dinner, this recipe will be right at home on your Sunday dinner table. Homemade cajun seasoning adds loads of spice and flavor, plus you can even prep this a day in advance – the chicken tastes even better!
  8. One Pan Honey Roasted Turkey and Vegetables Recipe
    • One Pan Honey Roasted Turkey and Vegetables Photo
    • If you’re craving those Thanksgiving dinner vibes, but don’t want to prep a full feast, let this sheet pan honey roasted turkey and vegetables recipe be your muse! Golden potatoes, sliced carrots, Brussels sprouts and turkey breast are slathered in honey, basted in butter and taste insanely delicious. You can now make roast turkey for Sunday dinner or even on a weeknight!
  9. Sheet Pan Citrus Rock Shrimp Fajitas Recipe
    • Sheet Pan Citrus Rock Shrimp Fajitas Photo
    • Our family is big on Mexican food and Tex-Mex cuisine, so tacos, nachos and fajitas are always a hit, any night of the week. This sheet pan citrus rock shrimp fajitas recipe is always a winner! Thinly sliced onions and bell peppers, along with rock shrimp, are tossed together in a bowl along with fresh garlic, fresh orange and lime zest and juice and super flavorful homemade fajita seasoning.

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