11 Vegetarian Mains to Master Meatless Monday


Meatless Mondays have been gaining steam for a few years, thanks to people like Mark Bittman. We think it’s a brilliant idea – starting off the week with a plate full of veggies can help you get on track to eat produce all week long! Plus, in the summertime it is the perfect way to celebrate all that we have bursting out of our backyard gardens and area farms. (Not to forget all the delicious squash in winter, spring greens, oh, we just love veggies all year long!)

Going meatless on Monday doesn’t have to be complicated. It especially doesn’t need to focus on the “meatless” part. When you fully embrace vegetables for their own, rather than view them as the alternative, your taste buds expand so much more and are ready for exploration!

It used to be hard for our family to do Meatless Mondays, especially with small children in the mix. Remember, you can always default to pasta if you need to, but the more children (and other picky eaters) are exposed to vegetable-filled plates, the more likely they will eventually pick up the fork and join you.

Don’t have picky eaters at your table? The sky’s the limit when it comes to vegetarian dinners. I’ve gathered our very favorites, but there’s so much more that’s out there, so after you’ve tried our recipes, use them as a springboard for bringing all sorts of ideas to the plate.

And, if you’re still thinking back to your experience 20 years ago with Aunt Melba’s boiled vegetables, use that memory to take charge, venturing forth with new-to-you vegetables, an array of spices, and an array of herbs.

Remember: meatless doesn’t have to mean mushy, bland rabbit food. Try a vegetarian dinner today. Our recipes will have you clamoring for more, more, more!

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