11 Ways To Use Thanksgiving Leftovers


I’m one of those firm believers that Thanksgiving turkey generally tastes better as a turkey sandwich made with leftover turkey the next day.

After all of the prep and anticipation, the meal itself goes so quickly that you’re often left with a ton leftovers that need to be used in some way.

That’s where these tasty recipes come into play! Check out these delicious and creative ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers without the waste.

  1. Leftover Thanksgiving Enchiladas Recipe
    • Leftover Thanksgiving Enchiladas Photo
    • Our leftover Thanksgiving enchiladas take your leftover turkey to a whole new level of flavor. The unique combination of turkey, sweet potato, black beans, and cranberries makes for a savory and tangy filling for the spicy dish. It’s the best way to keep Thanksgiving going throughout the weekend!
  2. Turkey Sliders with Cranberry Sriracha Sauce Recipe
    • Turkey Sliders with Cranberry Sriracha Sauce Photo
    • Perhaps one of our most popular Thanksgiving-inspired recipes, you need to try our turkey sliders with cranberry sriracha sauce. It’s the perfect way to use leftover turkey and cranberry sauce to throw together a delicious lunch or dinner using your Thanksgiving leftovers. Don’t skip the touch of sriracha!
  3. Thanksgiving Leftover Bites Recipe
    • Thanksgiving Leftover Bites Photo
    • Perfect for watching football over the weekend or hosting friends for holiday cocktails, these Thanksgiving leftover bites are the perfect little snack or appetizer throughout Thanksgiving weekend. Switch them up based on what you have for leftovers and you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!
  4. Traditional Shepherd’s Pie Recipe
    • Traditional Shepherd’s Pie Photo
    • While a traditional shepherd’s pie recipe is made with lamb, I’m standing firm in my assertion that you can absolutely modify this recipe to use leftover turkey and top everything with leftover mashed potatoes and you’ll have yourself a certified crowd pleaser. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.
  5. Spicy Butternut Squash Recipe
    • Spicy Butternut Squash Photo
    • Have leftover butternut squash or sweet potatoes to use up? Make this spicy butternut squash recipe! It’s mixed with a variety of spices with the addition of crisp kale and red onion to really bring this dish to life. It’s an incredible side dish that pairs perfectly with any number of recipes.
  6. Leftover Turkey Puff Pastry Pot Pies Recipe
    • Leftover Turkey Puff Pastry Pot Pies Photo
    • This leftover turkey puff pastry pot pie recipe makes easy work of eating up all those Thanksgiving leftovers you have hanging around. Not just turkey, but green bean casserole, corn, or any other vegetable side dish you can throw at it! These pot pies are delicious and a total family-approved crowd pleaser.
  7. Cranberry Pumpkin Oatmeal Recipe
    • Cranberry Pumpkin Oatmeal Photo
    • Have leftover pumpkin from making desserts? Rather than it going bad in the fridge, try this cranberry pumpkin oatmeal recipe for breakfast the next day! Topped with cranberries, pecans and a drizzle of maple syrup, this recipe serves up a breakfast that tastes exactly like fall should taste.
  8. Turkey Vegetable Soup Recipe
    • Turkey Vegetable Soup Photo
    • Of course, there’s no talking about Thanksgiving leftovers if you aren’t at least talking about making turkey soup! Our turkey vegetable soup recipe is the perfect way to transform the leftover turkey, potatoes and vegetables following Thanksgiving dinner. You can even freeze a batch to warm up later!

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